Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Maybe one day I’ll learn to not read books that will cause me this much emotional pain.

Five hundred years ago, war raged across the land between humans and faeries. A Treaty was signed which would ensure that humans and faeries would forever be separated by a wall lest they ever try to battle each other again. Feyre, a young human girl who hunts game for her family’s survival, kills a faerie in the form of a wolf and is later met by another beast. He offers her a choice: either he will kill her for taking the life of his friend or come with him and spend the rest of her life in Prythian, the faerie realm. When she arrives at the Spring Court she enters a world where she is hunted by faeries and protected by the High Lord of Spring. She must face down a powerful Fae queen and conquer her own fears as well. Continue reading “Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses.”


Review: Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls #3)

Dammit, Cole, why do you have to do this to me? Here come the waterworks.

Roles are reversed. Grace is now a wolf and Sam is human. He struggles with not have Grace around as she struggles to hold onto her human memories enough to find him. An aerial hunt is on for the wolves of Mercy Walls and those who can remain human must find a way to stop the hunt or move the wolves before they are all slaughtered. New alliances must be formed and old ones broken to do what’s best for the people they love. Continue reading “Review: Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls #3)”

Review: Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls #2)

Okay, yeah, I’m pretty much in love with this series.

The fever saved Sam, but Jack wasn’t so lucky. Sam and Grace have been able to enjoy their winter together without the worries of turning because of the cold. But other dangers await outside of Boundary Wood, not all of which will be as forgiving as the winter.  Continue reading “Review: Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls #2)”

Review: Shiver. (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1)

Another book that only took me a day to finish. I hope non of my teachers actually said anything important because I was not paying attention in any classes, I was just reading this incredible book.

Grace has always watched her wolf lurking in the shadows of the woods behind her house ever since she was attacked by the pack when she was a little girl. She looks forward to winter because that is the time she knows her wolf will always be there, watching, waiting until he appears at her doorstep in human form. Grace must keep the secret of the wolves safe and make sure the new and volatile wolves do the same.  Continue reading “Review: Shiver. (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1)”

Review: Silence. (Hush, Hush Book 3)

I finished this book in one day. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I enjoyed it a lot, because I have done pretty much nothing but read this book for 24 hours.

Nora finds herself alone in a cemetery with no idea of what has happened to her for the last five months. She discovers that she has been held captive for eleven weeks but can’t remember anything about it or the months leading up to her kidnapping. She is thrust back into the world of fallen angels and Nephilim without any of her prior knowledge to help her. Old enemies become friends and friends can’t be trusted as she fights to retrieve her lost memories. Continue reading “Review: Silence. (Hush, Hush Book 3)”

Review: The Mortal Instruments.

**spoiler alert**

Okay, this one has been a long time coming. I said that I would read this a long time ago. So, naturally it took me four years to do so. But, boy, am I glad I did? This is one of those series’ where you just kinda go “WOW”. It’s seriously awesome and there’s action and drama and romance and evil people who try to take over the world. It’s the complete package.

I was lucky enough to go to a writing festival last year that Cassandra Clare was attending and doing a presentation with Holly Black. This would have been great had I actually read any of either of their books at this point, however, after meeting her I decided that it was definitely time to read The Mortal Instruments. I was not disappointed. Continue reading “Review: The Mortal Instruments.”

The Infernal Devices.

**spoiler alert**

Okay, okay, this one is gonna be emotional. It’s a fresh wound. I swear, this woman is tearing my life apart with her books. Cassandra Clare has done it again, this time with the Infernal Devices. They are the prequel series to her famous Mortal Instruments series (Yes, I will do a post about them soon), set in 19th century London, it follows Tessa Gray who comes to London from her home in New York after her aunt dies to live with her brother, Nathaniel, who promises her a new life with him in England. When Tessa arrives, however, she is kidnapped by a pair of demons called the Dark Sisters who force Tessa to reveal a power that she didn’t even know she had.

The story follows her escape from the Dark Sisters’ House and her life in the London Institute while she falls in love with two Shadowhunters and is hunted by the Magister who wishes to use her to destroy all Nephilim.

Continue reading “The Infernal Devices.”

Throne of Glass.

If you have spoken to me in the past few weeks you will probably have found out that I’ve been reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I received the series as a Christmas present last year (thanks a tonne Mum & Dad) and have been completely obsessed with it ever since.

The series follows the adventures of Celaena Sardothien, an assassin with a very dark and complicated past. She is enslaved in the salt mines of Endovier until the Crown Prince offers her a deal, however, this deal will men that she has to work for the man who slaughtered her family and enslaved her country. Continue reading “Throne of Glass.”