The Power of Pride.

Pride is a beautiful thing. To be proud of something is to believe that it is right and has power.

After the recent shooting at Pulse in Orlando, I was reminded of the pride I have for my community. The LGBT+ community is an amazing place that can be so accepting to anyone who needs it. We are also ferocious in protecting other members of our community. Unfortunately we can’t always protect everyone from everything as the world found out this weekend. Continue reading “The Power of Pride.”



Dear Jade,

My gorgeous sister.

You’ve already been through so much.

You are going through something that I can’t even begin to imagine.

The pain you have endured, both physical and mental, is immense.

You are the strongest person I’ve ever known and I consider it a privilege to call you my sister.

I love you will everything I have and I know that Mum and Dad do too.

Somehow, you manage to look badass and dangerous in your new suit of armour.

I’ve never heard you rate your pain above a six, even though I know that anyone else would call it an eight.

You overcome every obstacle in your life with courage and a sheer force of will.

Finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I look forward to walking this last stretch of darkness with you.

You are my inspiration, my light, my sister.

I love you.

Easter 2016.

How was everyone’s Easter? Good? Bad? Non-existent because you live in a country that doesn’t force Christian tradition on every single one of it’s residents? Either way, that’s cool.

Personally I spent the morning reading and watching Guardians of the Galaxy for about the 20th time (I love that movie so much). Then I went with my family to Red Beach on Bribie Island where, naturally, it rained (thanks Queensland weather), then we went for fish and chips which were absolutely delicious. Now I’m sitting on my couch and I’ve just started my quad-annual Harry Potter marathon which I do every school holidays.

Continue reading “Easter 2016.”