Review: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

I cannot even begin to explain how awesome this book is. BUT I’m going to do my best because you guys seriously need to know.

Cinder is a cyborg and she has no memory of her life before her surgery. In the Eastern Commonwealth, cyborgs are treated as the properly of their guardians regardless of their human sentience and Cinder is no different. When the gorgeous and kind Prince Kaito, only son of the fatally ill Emperor Rikan, shows up at her market booth with a broken android he says needs to be repaired immediately because of the information it contains, her world is turned upside down. She is thrust into a world of politics and secrecy, forced to keep what she is hidden even when she feels as if it has been hidden from herself.

Sci-fi freaking fairy tales! That is basically what this series is and I regret with all my heart not buying the rest of them when I bought this one. If you haven’t guess already it’s pretty much a really awesome version of Cinderella and man, it’s good.

So you’ve got your basic Cinderella bits: awful stepmother, dead father, equally awful stepsisters (actually one of them is really nice), handsome prince, losing a shoe after escaping the ball, etc.

But then there’s all the things that are different. The plague, for one (It’s a lot like the bubonic plague and it doesn’t have a cure that can be found on earth); all of the sciencey stuff and the cyborgs; and the best bit–she loses her entire bionic foot at the ball.

Now, I’m usually not that into sci-fi books but this one makes me think I might try a couple more of them out because it is so well done and so perfect and so gripping and every now and then I had to put it down because I couldn’t handle the feels. I’ll admit I did guess who Cinder really was about halfway through, but it was still a great scene when she found out and I still made a strangled hyena sound to express my excitement.

I loved Kai for so long but I can’t believe he would be so awful about Cinder being a cyborg. He wasn’t that mad about her being Lunar but no, just because she has a little bit of metal in her she is suddenly so disgusting he can hardly look at her. UGH.


What do I rate it? 9/10

Who is my favourite character? Dr Erland, he is kind of adorable and a great ally.

What was my favourite moment? I think near the end at the ball, that whole scene before Kai found out she was a cyborg was great.

Would I read it again?  YES. Definitely.

Did it cause me immense emotional pain and heartache? Yup.



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