Review: The Darkest Part of the Forest.

I cannot even begin to explain just how much I loved this book. My friends have been nagging me for ages to read it and now that I finally have I regret waiting so long.

The people of Fairfold are used to strange things happening. They all know about the faeries that live in the woods surrounding their town, but none of them really know their true nature. To make a deal with the faeries is to open yourself up to be deceived, but their bargains always seem fair and innocent. Hazel Grace made one such bargain, hoping that it would allow her and her brother, Ben, to keep on hunting faeries, to finally slay the monster at the heart of the forest. Now she realises that she has been fulfilling her side of the bargain without knowing it and she must understand herself in order to save her friends and her town.

Firstly: Great characters. Awesome characterisation and strong relationships between the characters. I loved the relationship between Ben and Hazel and also between Carter and Jack, they were both really good examples of relationships between siblings. I love how badass Hazel is and that she’s only badass when she needs to be. Ben is great and he is right to be scared of his music, I just wish he’d had the courage to use his powers more. Jack is a cutie with a creepy side and I love it. And Severin, oh my lord, Severin. He’s gorgeous and intimidating and knows way more than anyone would like him to about their personal lives. I like the fact that he loves Ben rather than Hazel because if he’d ended up with Hazel it would have been like she got everything and he got nothing.

Sorrow’s story was actually so sad and I love the fact that the villain wasn’t really a villain, she was just a grieving woman who wanted her husband back. The way the Alderking was controlling her was a total jerk move and how could he do that to his own daughter? Justice was served with a hint of kick-ass when he ended up in a casket just like Severin’s.

All in all, an amazing book with a great plot and filled with awesome characters.

What do I rate it? 10/10

Would I read it again? 100% YES.

Who was my favourite character? Severin, obviously.

What was my favourite moment? The scene with Severin and Ben on the roof because it was so damn cute.



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