Review: Shiver. (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1)

Another book that only took me a day to finish. I hope non of my teachers actually said anything important because I was not paying attention in any classes, I was just reading this incredible book.

Grace has always watched her wolf lurking in the shadows of the woods behind her house ever since she was attacked by the pack when she was a little girl. She looks forward to winter because that is the time she knows her wolf will always be there, watching, waiting until he appears at her doorstep in human form. Grace must keep the secret of the wolves safe and make sure the new and volatile wolves do the same. 

First thing’s first, this book is beautiful. I have the hardcover box set of this series and they are just gorgeous. The dust cover has a pearly/shiny finish and when you take it off it’s blue along the spine and has a cute little embossed leaf on the front. And I noticed once I opened the second book that the writing in Shiver is actually tinted blue, in Linger it is green and in Forever it is red. It’s kind of awesome and it’s still dark enough to read easily so there’s no need to worry about that.

This book is well-paced, gripping and has just enough humour in it to stop it from breaking your heart. The characters are presented really well, although at times Grace felt a little bit paper-thin, like she didn’t have a fully fleshed-out personality. But towards the end as we get to know her a little better her personality and goals are fuller and you can become more attached to her story.

The way the wolves work and how they change is really cool. I love the fact that it’s gross and painful to change, it just seems way more realistic since their bodies are completely reforming and it’s definitely going to stretch a few muscles and bend a few bones. Also, the fact that when they are wolves they are actually full-on wolves with wolf brains and thoughts and not just people in wolf bodies is great.

The cure is a great idea, fighting to keep Sam human and cure Jack. You can definitely tell that something is going to go wrong with it though, but what will go wrong remains a mystery in this book.

What do I rate it? 8.5/10

Would I read it again? Definitely, at least because it is gorgeous to look at.

Who is my favourite character? Isabel. She’s sassy and straight-to-the-point.

What was my favourite momentThe first time Grace saw Sam as a human.



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