Review: Finale. (Hush, Hush Book 4)

I am actually so surprised that I didn’t cry reading this book. I honestly thought there would be waterworks and I am both relieved and disappointed at the lack of tears.

As the new leader of the Black Hand’s army, Nora must fight to avoid war with fallen angels, navigate around archangels and deal with the mounting resistance within the Nephilim as dictated by her oath to Hank Millar. She must come to terms with her newly-made pure-blood Nephilim body and deal with deceit and unrest at every turn. 

This book was great and I had a lot of fun reading it. It wasn’t too heavy or intense like a lot of last books are when they try to pack as much drama in as possible. It was dramatic but it was also light when it needed to be. I loved all of the lies and betrayal and how you never quite know who is good and who is evil and whether someone is telling the truth.

What do I rate it? 9/10

Would I read it again?  Yes, definitely. I intend to read the whole series again.

Who is my favourite character? Dante. Damn, I love the evil ones.

What was my favourite moment? The graveyard scene near the end when she finds out about Dante.



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