Review: Crescendo. (Hush, Hush Book 2)

This may well be my first book review that isn’t just me gushing over an amazing book because, to be honest, most of this book wasn’t amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t in any way a bad book, it just turned more into a romance drama than the fantasy that I was promised.

Nora is haunted by the ghost of her father and she finds it hard to trust even those closest to her. She discovers secrets from her past, her mother’s past, and those of her closest friends.

I swear, if I get one more cliffhanger from this series something is going out the window. Everything seems to be going right when, BAM, someone shows up to ruin it all. Not gonna lie, though, I love that kind of thing.

The first three quarters of this book are pretty much just Nora complaining about her break-up with Patch and then being too weak not to stay away from him. This is the kind of thing that I can’t stand: whiny female main characters who constantly go on and on about how upset they are that their boyfriend doesn’t love them enough. Ugh. No, thanks. Granted, other things happen within her whining that keep the story interesting and the ending was amazing.

I love not knowing what is going to happen and who is going to betray everyone. This book had me guessing until the last minute. And then the chase scene through the tunnel of doom. Kind of cliche but she pulled it off.

What do I rate it? 6.5/10. The whining really annoyed me, but in hindsight the writing and the plot surrounding that was pretty good.

What was my favourite moment? Right near the end when Scott was chasing Nora around Delphic and then all of a sudden we found out Rixon was the real bad guy.

Would I read it again? Probably, if I read the series again I will.

Favourite character? Scott, he’s creepy, secretive and hot, what more could you want?



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