Review: Lady Midnight

First things first, this book is both very heavy (both physically and emotionally) and very emotionally destructive. Do not undertake the reading of this book lightly.

Emma Carstairs remembers The Dark War well. She and her now-parabatai, Julian Blackthorn both fought in Alicante when they were only twelve years old. Now, five years on, they are faced with a new threat. There have been a series of murders near the Los Angeles Institute and Emma has taken it upon herself to investigate them. Thrust into a confusing maze of underground societies and secrets hidden in the darkness of the past, Emma and the Blackthorns of the LA Institute attempt to unravel exactly why humans and faeries alike are being killed by a faceless enemy.

My heart was soaring at times while reading this book and being torn apart by angry wolves at others. That’s how I know it was a good book.

I’ve loved Cassandra Clare books in the past but this one really takes the cake. It’s funny, heartbreaking and dramatic. The characters are so lovable and every twist and turn is completely unexpected. Aaah I love this book a lot!

Writing: On point

Characters: On point

Plot: On point

Everything: On point

Who is my favourite character?  Tiberius Blackthorn. He’s so cute and smart and just ugh! I love him a lot.

Who is my OTP?  I love Jules and Emma, but I also love Mark and Kieran, but I also love Christina and Mark. Idk I just really love all of them.

What was my favourite moment?  Either when Jules and Emma were dancing at the Midnight Theater (and Mark and Kieran were going at it in the cloak room) or when Jules show Emma all of his paintings of her.

Would I read it again?  Definitely. I look forward to it.

What do I rate it?  Literally 10/10. I freaking love this book.



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