Review: Talon & Rogue

I had never read anything by Julie Kagawa before reading these books. They had very mixed reviews so I was pretty apprehensive about buying them but I decided that it was worth the risk and wasn’t disappointed.

The series is about Ember Hill, a dragon in human form who comes to a sleepy little coastal town with her brother, Dante, to complete their assimilation into the human world. Talon, the organisation that governs all dragons, is watching their every move. While Dante seems happy to comply with Talon’s demands, Ember fails to see how their plans for her can possibly benefit dragons in the long run. She decides to turn away from the organisation and become a Rogue.

The characters were great, though I couldn’t help but feel like Ember acted differently in Garret’s POV  than in her own. She just seemed much more confident through Garret’s eyes but maybe that’s just because she put on such a tough exterior and he didn’t see through that.

The story was awesome. There were some pretty great action sequences in these two books and there is plenty of suspense.

Who was my favourite character? Riley/Cobalt. He’s tough and short-tempered and he causes plenty of trouble which I like.

Would I read it again? Maybe. It’s one of those series that I might not read again but I wouldn’t want to get rid of it either–it’s on the borderline.

What do I rate it? 8/10. While the story and characters are great, the writing itself wasn’t as descriptive as I would have liked.



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