7 Tips for Writing

I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently and while I am in no way an expert, I’ve figured out a few things that definitely have been working for me.

  1. Choose a time and a place – Having a specific time and place to write is great. It helps you organise yourself better and then you are able to get more work done. You don’t have to say, “Alright, everyday at 10am I am going to sit at this desk and write for four hours.” Because that’s not going to work for most people. It can be as simple as after dinner sitting in your bedroom or your office and writing for a little while.
  2. Treat it like a real job – For the most part, writing is a profession so you should treat it as such. Take it seriously and don’t prioritise things over it.
  3. Got an idea? Write it down. – I almost always carry a notebook with me and on the rare occasion I don’t, I have my phone. Even if you have a crazy, wacky idea that you think you’ll never be able to fit into your story, write it down anyway. You never know, it could fit into another story and it could be amazing.
  4. Don’t stress – Writing is one of the best and most rewarding careers you can have (in my opinion) but even it can be stressful at times. Writer’s block and a lack of creative ideas can stop your project dead in it’s tracks. Relax, think around the problem, use that amazing brain of yours to get yourself back on track.
  5. Keep writing – Never stop writing something because you think it doesn’t sound quite right. You can always edit something that isn’t right, but you can’t edit something that you haven’t written.
  6. Character questionnaires – There are a whole bunch of them that you can find online for all different types of characters. They can be kind of boring to fill out but it’ll help you get to know your characters better and write them more effectively. Taking personality quizzes for your characters, at least the main ones, can help as well.
  7. Here are the rules… Break them.


I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post and some of you found it helpful.



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