Easter 2016.

How was everyone’s Easter? Good? Bad? Non-existent because you live in a country that doesn’t force Christian tradition on every single one of it’s residents? Either way, that’s cool.

Personally I spent the morning reading and watching Guardians of the Galaxy for about the 20th time (I love that movie so much). Then I went with my family to Red Beach on Bribie Island where, naturally, it rained (thanks Queensland weather), then we went for fish and chips which were absolutely delicious. Now I’m sitting on my couch and I’ve just started my quad-annual Harry Potter marathon which I do every school holidays.

So, if you do celebrate Easter with chocolates and candy, what do you do with all of the stuff that you don’t (or can’t) eat? Here are a few simple ideas as to what to do with your leftover Easter eggs.


  1. Make mini cheesecakes and add an egg to the top of each.


2. Chop/ crush up any plain chocolate eggs and add them to some chocolate muffins.


3. Press a caramel-filled egg into the centre of a cupcake or muffin.

Chocolate Cornflake or Shredded Wheat Nests for Easter (7).JPG

4. Make Easter nests (shredded wheat, melted chocolate and butter) and put some mini eggs on the top.


5. Make a chocolate river, then go completely Augustus Gloop on that baby and take a dip in it.


Hope you found this helpful, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you guys have a great long weekend.


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