Throne of Glass.

If you have spoken to me in the past few weeks you will probably have found out that I’ve been reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I received the series as a Christmas present last year (thanks a tonne Mum & Dad) and have been completely obsessed with it ever since.

The series follows the adventures of Celaena Sardothien, an assassin with a very dark and complicated past. She is enslaved in the salt mines of Endovier until the Crown Prince offers her a deal, however, this deal will men that she has to work for the man who slaughtered her family and enslaved her country.

I realise that my little blurb sounds very melodramatic but the series is incredible, 10/10 would recommend and do recommend frequently to anyone who will listen.

If you haven’t read he series yet and would not like spoilers, I suggest you stop readin right about now because I am about to talk about all of my favourite characters and story lines. Seeya.



Ah, Celaena, our lovely, badass protagonist complete with secret identity and dark past. I see myself in her so much it’s unreal, and I’m not talking about her fighting skills… I am a marshmallow… No, I am, of course, talking about her sass. She has such a quick wit and a wonderfully dark sense of humour and I instantly fell in love with it. Some of my favourite banter is between her and Rowan, the Fae Prince from Wendlyn. Especially when Rowan is trying to get Celaena to shift into her Fae form. Of course, the revelation of her true identity as Aelin Ashryver Galanthynius, the Queen of Terrasen was brilliant and I loved reading about everyone’s reaction to finding out.


The captain of the guard, traitor, lover, friend, rebel. Chaol was a lot of things, but the most prominent was that he was good, he was a friend to Aelin when she needed it when she returned from Wendlyn. He led the rebels in Rifthold and used his contacts within the castle to assist Aelin in getting inside to rescue Aedion. I have mixed opinions about Chaol because while he was a good friend to Aelin during the king’s competition to become his champion, he was also rude and resentful of her when she returned from Wendlyn. He redeemed himself in the end, though, by helping the rebels in Rifthold and by extension, Aelin.


At first, I thought Dorian was a pretty basic princely character, with not a whole lot going on upstairs, but he turned out to be a pretty alright dude. Especially in Heir of Fire when he met and became close with Sorscha the healer. I loved the way Sarah presented his point of view while he was possessed, as though he were trapped and not in control of his body. It really made you feel for him. The ending was wonderful, when he was able to free himself from the demon through force of will and of course with some help from Aelin.


Oh… My… Lord… This guy was like the ultimate warrior. Strong, fast, and Fae. The hawk was the perfect choice for his animal form, strong, agile, watchful. His wit matches Aelin’s perfectly and their bickering is just wonderful. I honestly can’t get enough of this guy! AAAHHH!! He and Aelin together just make me go ‘!!!!!!!!!’ inside and I absolutely love it.


Aelin’s cousin and childhood friend. I have to admit, he got on my nerves from time to time, particularly when he got jealous. But I could definitely see where he was coming from and i understood that. The part about Rowan taking the blood oath to Aelin before him could be seen from a mile away but instead of being ‘ugh’ it just added more anticipation for when the truth finally did come out. I loved the flashbacks to when he and Aelin were little kids, the were so sweet and it added the extra layer to the story that just made Queen of Shadows sing.


No review of this series would be complete without a mention of Sam. You hear about him a little in the main series but he is more prominent in The Assassin’s Blade, the prequel. He is kind and lovely and smart and sassy and challenges Celaena (I used Celaena here because she that was what she was known as back then) at every turn. I’ll admit I shed a few tears at the end even though I knew it was coming. 😥 I actually loved, in a sick way, knowing in the back of my mind that everything was going to fall apart when the characters didn’t know that themselves.


Overall, the characters, plot, and writing style were incredible in this series and I very much look forward to reading the next books when they come out. Please, Sarah, please. 9.5/10 only because I was slightly irritated by a few of the characters, but really that’s just me nitpicking. Would recommend–and have recommended– to a friend, or really anyone who is willing to listen.


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