Fluffy Story.

This is a cute little story that I wrote a while ago and I thought that I would share it with you guys, just ’cause. It is very cute and, yes, it is about two boys so if you are homophobic, please leave and do not come back, I honestly do not care for what you have to say.

Enjoy. xx



Ryan felt the couch beside him sink with the weight of a person sitting beside him. He felt a familiar pressure against his side and on his shoulder but didn’t bother looking away from the TV because he knew it was Oliver and his arms knew their way around his body to pull him closer into his chest.
Then he felt something unpleasantly wet against his neck. He moved his head back and looked down at the boy cuddled into his chest.
“Ugh, Ollie, your hair’s all wet!”
“So?” Oliver tipped his head back and looked up at Ryan sleepily.
“So, it’s dripping all over me- look at my shirt!”
Ollie picked his head up off the younger boy’s chest and looked down at his grey shirt which now had a large dark grey wet patch where his head had just been.
“Oops,” he laughed lightly, his eyes crinkling slightly.
Ryan couldn’t help but laugh too; Ollie looked so cute with his crinkly eyes and sleepy smile.
“Wait here,” Ryan said as he wiggled his way out from under Oliver. He walked towards the stairs but glanced back to see the older boy laying down on the couch were Ryan had just been sitting. He smiled to himself and hurried up the stairs to get a towel out of the cupboard.
When he returned to the living room he found Oliver dozing on the couch exactly where he had left him.
“Ollie, baby, you’ve gotta hop up, I need to dry your hair,” Ryan said softly.
“Mmm- wanna… go sleep,” Oliver mumbled and tried to bury his face further into the sofa cushions.
“C’mon, baby,” he picked up the sleepy boy’s shoulders and lifted him into a sitting position. He sat down beside him and brought the towel up around his shoulders. He then lifted a section of the towel and began to gently rub at the hair on the back of Oliver’s head.
Oliver made a small sound of content and closed his eyes, resting his forehead on Ryan’s shoulder.
Ryan simply held him closer as he continued to gently towel-dry Ollie’s hair.
“Mmm… love you… Ry,” muttered Oliver, enjoying the feeling of Ryan soft hands in his hair.
“I love you, too, baby boy,” Ryan smiled lovingly at his adorable boyfriend.
“So… nice t’me.”
Ugh, Ryan’s heart ached with how cute Oliver looked in that moment, all snuggled up to his shoulder with the towel covering most of his head.
Ryan finished drying Ollie’s hair and pressed a soft kiss to the side of his head, “C’mon, baby, let’s go to bed.”
“M’kay,” Oliver held his arms out and wrapped them around Ryan’s shoulders as Ryan wrapped his arms around Oliver’s chest and lifted him off the couch. Ollie’s legs came around his waist as he carried him up the stairs and into their bedroom.
He laid Oliver down onto the bed and pulled covers up to his chin. He gave a small smile and snuggled down into the softness of the bed.
Ryan started to head to the bathroom to clean his teeth before bed but Josh spoke up. “Stay,” he mumbled softly.
Ryan leant back over him and gave him a light kiss. “I’ll be back in two seconds, okay?”
Oliver only mumbled something incomprehensible in response and Ryan quickly brushed his teeth and returned to the bedroom to find Oliver fast asleep and snoring softly. He removed his shirt and slid into the bed beside him, wrapping an arm around his waist. Even while asleep, Ollie moved closer into Ryan’s embrace and Ryan soon fell asleep next to his gorgeous sleepy angel.




Hope you guys liked it, I will be back next week with another normal post.


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